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Publisher: YUKA CHAMPS

Ages: 4-12

No.of players: 1- 4


  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY:- Unleash your power of Reading a Clock, Speed, Observation and discpline. Children will easily learn how to read a clock level wise by this amazing ,simple multiplayer game. Every player will get one clock each, then all you have to do is open a time card and move the hands of your clock to match the time on the time card.
  • QUALITY GAME:- All the game components of quality keeping in mind the usability by children. All the 4 clocks are very sturdy and beautifully illustrated by international artists. Each clock is designed specially for kids- each clock depicts hours circle , minutes circle and 24 hour circle ,which children can easily refer to while playing by themselves ,no adult supervision required. All the time cards are laminated and divided into 3 levels.
  • FUN EDUCATIONAL AND FAMILY GAME:- Yuka Champs Tik Tok Tick - The most simple, quick and amazing family board game to teach your child to read a clock. Have a fun family time playing with your kids. It is super easy to learn and very quick game, best for families to gather around and play.
  • USED BY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS AS A LEARNING TOOL- This game is used by many international schools as a learning tool to teach children how to read a clock, LEVAL WISE.
  • CONTAIN: 4 sturdy clocks and 3 levels -time cards |Best single or multiplayer fun game to also improve speed and observation |games for 4+, 5+ year old boy and girls. Kids can learn can gradually move from basic beginner level cards - hours ,then medium level minutes and advance level - 24 hour time ( military time).

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