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A political strategy board game for 2 to 4 players where players take on the role of political leaders looking to acquire seats in different states to form a majority, climb on the development and culture tracker to build their political engine and use strategy or aggression cards to enhance their progress. The art work is inspired by George Orwell's famous book - Animal farm.

Gameplay: 1. After donning their leader Avatar, players proceed turn wise to strategically pick up electoral seats by smartly using their resources of money, voters, media, development and aggress/ strategy cards.

2. Money, voters, aggression tactics and allegiances, everything is tradeable in this cut throat political strategy game.

3. Smartly carrying out cultural and development activities helps you win, but be mindful, too much of only goody-shoes and your opponents sly tactics might get the better of you.

4. In the end, players with the largest majority come closest to winning. Pick up your box now and power your state, to state your power!

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