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Publisher: TRUNK WORKS

Ages: 4+

No.of players: 2-4


Looking for fun gross motor skill development games? Want something which children of different age groups, starting from preschoolers, can enjoy together? Want to have fun and laugh when playing with your child? Wiggle N Giggle is the answer to all these and more!

Wiggle N Giggle is a handy gross motor travel game. It's sized like a deck of cards and super easy to carry around. You can start playing at the drop of a hat. Sort the cards by color, shuffle each pile, draw a card from each pile and perform the combined movement/task. That's it!!

The red colored cards are the gross motor animal movement cards. As the name suggests, the gross motor movements are based on the animal or bird movements. The cards contain a sketch of the movement along with a description, to make it easy for kids to follow along. A side benefit is the vocabulary build up for animal movements and actions.

The blue colored cards are the secondary movement involving facial expressions, singing a rhyme, counting, and so on. The compound movement of red and blue cards is harder to handle - and results in some funny combinations!

The green colored cards are the task cards which define the duration of the movement.

The cards are graphically illustrated to ensure the expected movement is easy to understand.


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