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Pretty Cool Things

Pretty Cool Things | ANGRY INDIANS

Pretty Cool Things | ANGRY INDIANS

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Publisher: Pretty Cool Things

Ages: 16+

No.of players: 2 - 8


Welcome to India, where we pack a lot of chaos into an uncomfortably little space. This happens to make a lot of us angry. Manage your hand, and create and destroy parties made of the most loved and unloved Indian stereotypes. Is your Babban Berozgaar being attacked? Block them with your Nimbu-Mirch Force Field! Jealous of somebody’s party? Kidnap their Termineta! Hell, gang-up your attacks and get violent! And always keep your Nunchak Chappals Handy! It’s like real life, only without real repercussions.

Everybody starts with 3 randomly selected Member Cards, with each member having a starting health ranging from 3 to 5 and belonging to 1 of 8 classes, which are signified by colour. Everybody playing gets 5 Attack Cards for their hand (for their eyes only). The Attack Cards are what will be used by players during their turns to damage each others’ Party Members by matching class. There are also some Tactical Cards among the Attack Cards, such as trade, heal and block to add strategy to play.

There are two modes to determine who wins:

  1. Last Man Standing: The last player left with any number of members in their party with any amount of health.
  2. First Knockout: The person with the highest Party health at the moment any one player’s entire party dies is the winner.

During your turn you must play 2 actions. As an action you can either damage somebody else’s member, play a tactical card (among the Attack Cards) or discard and draw from an Attack Card draw pile in the centre.

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