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NMZ Games

NMZ GAMES | Mission Pawssible

NMZ GAMES | Mission Pawssible

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Publisher: NMZ GAMES

Ages: 14+

No.of players: 2-5


A cute little card game that will melt your hearts away!! Mission Pawssible is a 2-5 player card game. Each player plays the role of a volunteer at an animal shelter. It's a mad scramble between them as their mission is to earn points by taking care of the kennel animals and getting them adopted!
This is a quick and highly engrossing game as everyone has their eyes on completing their own sets of points and kennel-animal adoptions! It's fairly easy to understand for all ages and is a good fit for teens, adults, kids, friends/family. The game contains 120 cards and a rule booklet. The game can be played by 8+ ages too.
We have collaborated with 4 NGOs that do tremendous amount of work for the different causes associated with animal welfare - World For All (WFA, Mumbai), The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD, Mumbai), People For Animals (PFA, across multiple states), and Charlies Animal Rescue Centre (CARE, Bangalore). A part of the sales proceeds from this game will be donated to these organisations. We have featured a few of the dogs and cats from these NGOs. These and many more are still looking for a forever home!
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