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Mad4Fun Games | ETTANA - The Looms of Kanchi

Mad4Fun Games | ETTANA - The Looms of Kanchi

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Publisher: Mad4Fun Games

Ages: 8+

No.of players: 2 - 4


  • An innovative 2 to 4 player board game that challenges the weaver in you to create unique and colorful designs using the yarns on the board. Strategize and plan your moves carefully as there are chances of the board getting disrupted by other weavers (players) at every turn.
  • Be quick and efficient with your actions as each and every game will be different than the first. By random arrangement of yarns, every game will always feel like the first game you play. The goal of the game is be the first weaver to gain 8 “Annas” (Victory Points).
  • This Limited edition box is specially made for the product launch. It includes: (1) Game board with a gold foil image printed on the back (2) 36 design cards and 36 action cards (3) Components in wood yarns, pins and 20mm dice
  • (4) 48 tokens (octagon shaped) and 18 number tiles (5) Rulebook in English (6) Quick reference player aid sheets
  • (7) Complimentary potli bags (made in Kanchipuram) for wooden components and cards (8) Gold foiled text on the box that makes the box look luxurious (9) Printed tray and box lid (inner side)


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