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Luma World

Luma World | Fracto: A 3-in-1 Educational Card Game

Luma World | Fracto: A 3-in-1 Educational Card Game

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Publisher: Luma World

Ages: 8+

No.of players: 2-6


In the jungle, all the animals are gathering. They demand that all resources be divided rightfully among them. The stronger ones are taking more than the weak. That’s wrong! But, who will ensure that peace prevails? The winner of this battle of wits will be the King of the Jungle!
The perfect educational family entertainer with three engaging games packed in a single set! Fracto provides your kids with a blend of academics, life skills and moral values while they have loads of fun. Your kids will enjoy this fantastic 3-in-1 learning experience with their family and friends. Sit back and see them become conceptual masterminds right before your eyes!
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