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KAADOO | Zoodoo: Zoo Animal Caregiver Themed Game Fun Board Game

KAADOO | Zoodoo: Zoo Animal Caregiver Themed Game Fun Board Game

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Publisher: Krab Media and Marketing Private Limited

Ages: 6+

No.of players: 2-4


Join Kaadoo Paapa in his mission to help Animals and become the best ZooDoo ever! Kaadoo Paapa could hardly sleep a wink all night as the storm was nastier than anyone thought!

The thunder resembled an angry Lion's roar but in this case, the Lion too was scared. For he and all the other inhabitants of the Zoo were scattered all around after the storm. Kaadoo Paapa must do something, but he can't do it alone!

Enters ZooDoo, the animal caretaker who must step up to the challenge and safely guide animals to their enclosures.

Sounds easy, isn't it? But, there are some twists and turns. Kaadoo Paapa lets you in on a secret - all the animals don't get along!!

You and others, as ZooDoos, must play the rules and help animals. The more you help, the more puzzles you solve! The one who is the fastest, wittiest, and bravest of all, will win the game and get the loudest cheers from the animals!

Are you ready for the challenge?

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