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KAADOO | Jungle Patrol Strategy Cooperative Board Game Played in Teams of 2

KAADOO | Jungle Patrol Strategy Cooperative Board Game Played in Teams of 2

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Publisher: Krab Media and Marketing Private Limited

Ages: 8+

No.of players: 2-4


Jungle Patrol is an engaging, fun-filled, team-based, strategic board game built around the thrill of a chase. It encourages teamwork, increases quick thinking, and offers excitement to the players till the very last minute. Anyone above 8 years will enjoy the game!

This is a game for two teams of two or one player(s) each; one team represents the forest rangers and the other, the brigands. The team that takes control of the jungle is the winner. The game gives equal odds to both teams and is in no way biased towards either. You can choose to be the rangers in one game and brigands in the next.

The brigands are moving towards the deep jungle, home to valuable, rare plants and animals. The rangers are now hot on the heels of the brigands before they loot the forest of its wealth. Having gotten wind of this, the brigands are trying their best to outwit the rangers and make their escape with their loot!! During the course of the chase, the rangers and the brigands will need to cross each other's strongholds and be careful not to ignore wayside clues. Players must focus on combining their individual pawns into groups of 2,3 or 4 in order to win over the opponents.

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