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KAADOO | Animal Buddy Dino Kingdom

KAADOO | Animal Buddy Dino Kingdom

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Publisher: KAADOO

No.of Players: 2

Ages: 4 to 12 Years

Time: 20 mins


When we talk about animals of both the adorable or the fearsome kind, we often tend to forget our prehistoric lizard rulers of the world: The Dinosaurs. Kaadoo brings as memory refresher the Animal Buddy Dino Kingdom dinosaur exploration board game. Have you ever watched Jurassic Park and dreamt of being one of the protagonists? Here's your chance to have an exhilarating adventure though the land dinosaurs learning and befriending the giant lizards. The Dino Kingdom adventure board game is an easy to play fun activity for kids that they can have a blast playing with. This awesome innovative fun board game for kids includes in its box brilliant colourful child-friendly pawns, 45 dino game cards with amazing illustrations, 5 instruction cards and the brilliantly made and detailed game board. The dinosaur exploration board game is a fantasy board game for kids where they travel in the land of dinosaurs moving through a set track trying to befriend the giant beasts. The learning game allows kids to get a peek in the past and know about the various dinosaurs that once existed. The educational game also develops the cognitive agility, memory, concentration and hand-eye coordination of the children. This dinosaur game for children is a unique game where they pull cards to move their pawns and race to reach the end line with the most dino friends. This is the best gift for kids you can get in the world of adventure board games. Get the Kaadoo Animal Buddy Dino Kingdom board game for kids today!

Key Features

  • The easily understood 'buddy' concept helps children overcome the fear of wild animals. Helps them relate to habitats and the animal kingdom in a positive way.
  • An excellent way for parents to spend time with their children and also for children to bond with siblings, friends or seniors.
  • Jungle safari experience for 4+ year old children. Simple game play, no rules to understand. No dice to throw, no need to worry about strategy.
  • Real animal images that will fire up their imagination. Suddenly, their relationship with the animal kingdom undergoes a positive change.
  • A friendly, gentle introduction to nature for small children
  • Perfect Gift - Makes The Perfect Gift For Boys, Girls, Parents, Adults, Friends, Families As Well As Any Board Game Or Card Game Lover.
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