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Publisher: Queen Games

No.of Players: 2 - 4


The Bishop awaits high-cranking visitors, but the large fresco - the painting at the ceiling of the cathedral - urgently needs to be restored. The country's most renowned fresco painters are hired to make the magnificent painting shine like new. A busy workday needs careful planning: paints for the work in the cathedral must be bought, the fresco must be restored and new paints for the next day must be blended. In case the income is insufficient additional orders in the studio have to be met. This may spoil the mood of the apprentices... Who will have such a skilful planning that they will gain the most victory points at the end of the game and become the most successful fresco painter? Fresco is an atmospheric family game for 2-4 players aged 10 years and above. The 3 included expansion modules may be combined with the basic game as you wish. They will increase the challenge and playing time bit by bit - Each gameplay of fresco will be a new experience also for hardcore gamers.

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