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Ingenious Games | TARGET

Ingenious Games | TARGET

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Publisher: Ingenious Games

Ages: 12+

No.of players: 4 - 8

Duration: 15 - 30 mins


Target is a fast and fun, estimation based card game, for the entire family!

    Rules are simple:

    1. Look at your cards
    2. Lock-in a target (by guessing the number of 'sets' you could win)
    3. Win points for Sticking to your target (don't go over or under it)
    4. If you miss your target, put in all your efforts in ensuring that the others miss their target too.
    5. Play different variations and have more fun!


    • 75 card (15 each BLUE, GREEN, RED and YELLOW colors & 15 WILD cards)
    • 1 REFERENCE card
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