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Ingenious Games | BUSTLE

Ingenious Games | BUSTLE

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Publisher: Ingenious Games

Ages: 12+

No.of players: 4 - 8


Think It! Act It! Draw It!

A party game for all ages!

Look at the description, think of a word matching the description and explain it to your team mates by enacting or drawing it. Repeat this 5 times in a minute to score a flawless performance bonus!

Sounds too simple? 'Crank it up a notch' by using the yellow cards and unlocking more challenges to make the game more challenging and much more entertaining!

Let's Bustle!!


400 'Bustle' cards

60 'Crank it up a notch' cards

3 note pads

1 score pad

1 rule book

2 pencils

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