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JXC | Hippo Crates

JXC | Hippo Crates

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Play as Hungry Hippos who are not willing to eat anything other than the Fruit they want or meddle with other Hungry Hippos by feeding them everything other than their desired Fruit.

Aim of the Game:
Collect the most points by collecting and locking spaces before the Draw Pile runs out.

How To Play:
1. Draw 3 cards from the draw pile to create an open display
2. Play 1 card from your hand face-down.
3. Simultaneously reveal the card with other players.
4. Lowest revealed number plays first on the open display and draw a new card from draw pile.
5. Lock spaces in the open display to force opponents into collecting negative points.
6. Replace the open display row of cards with your card if you cannot play it anywhere.
7. Player with the highest points wins.

1 deck with a total of 108 playing cards + 2 Keychains.

Benefits of Game play:
Think Fast and Out-Smart Your Opponents.
Challenge Others By locking their points.
Family Friendly Fun for Kids and Adults Alike.
Spatial Awareness and Recognize Deception.

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