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HASBRO | Monopoly Cricket Board Game

HASBRO | Monopoly Cricket Board Game

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Cricket-Themed Monopoly Game for Families and Kids

Ages: 8 and Up

For 2 to 6 Players

  • CRICKET-THEMED VERSION OF MONOPOLY GAME: In the Monopoly Cricket board game, classic Monopoly gameplay combines with the thrilling sport of cricket! Build a team, trade players, and compete in Matches
  • EARN THE MOST POINTS TO WIN: Players don't win by having the most cash; they win by having the most points! Score points by hiring Star Cricketers and winning Cricket Matches
  • PLAY AS A CRICKET TEAM MANAGER: In this edition, Properties are Star Cricketers. Travel the board trying to hire as many as possible. Then earn Coins from opponents who land on them. Collect colour sets to earn double the fees
  • TRADE PLAYERS: Create a dream team by trading Star Cricketers with opponents for Coins or other Star Cricketers
  • COMPETE IN MATCHES: When a player passes or lands on GO, they trigger a Match. Players compete by challenging any other player to be their opponent. Both start as a batter or bowler—and then switch roles! The winner earns points and performs a bonus action

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