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Cryptic Cardboard

Cryptic Cardboard | METRO X

Cryptic Cardboard | METRO X

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Publisher: Cryptic Cardboard (in India)

Ages: 8+

No.of players: 1 to 6

Duration: 20 mins 


In Metro X, players create subway networks by filling in the station spaces on their individual player boards. Using the numbers revealed by the cards, all players fill up their subway map with Xs in the station spaces. However, the number of times they can add stations to each line is limited, so they have to make tough choices. Players can score points by getting bonuses for ‘transfers’. Players also get bonuses by being the first to complete routes. Try to fill in all your stations to minimize the penalties and achieve a high score!

 Metro X is a great game for everyone in the family to enjoy playing together! The rules to the game are very simple and straightforward. The tricky part all lies in how players choose to fill out their maps.And it feels like a fun puzzle every time!
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