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Cryptic Cardboard

Cryptic Cardboard | FUNGI

Cryptic Cardboard | FUNGI

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Ages: 8+

No.of players: 2 Players

Duration: 20 mins 


Fungi is a great 2-player game. Easy to set up and pleasant to look at, with a good duration. As most drafting games, it offers tons of replayability, and it is deep enough to allow for different strategies. 

Fungi is a game about collecting mushrooms from a dynamic, ever-changing drafting pool.

All mushroom cards look the same: you get the mushroom name and their selling and cooking values. You can only ever cook the same type of mushrooms together, and their cooking value are the victory points you get when cooked. Each type has a night version which is worth twice as much.

Selling the mushrooms gives you walking sticks instead, which you use to venture further in the woods: taking cards further away on the draft pool. The game ends when there are no more cards in the forest. There is always the same set amount of mushrooms, so it is important to keep in mind the remaining cards, and what has disappeared from the game through decay.

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