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Publisher: YUKA CHAMPS

Ages: 6+

No.of players: 1- 4


  • YUKA CHAMPS - MATHARON- Fire up your child's calculation speed and mental math ability through this unique math Marathon! Math Learning, speed calculation , for girls and boys for ages 6 -10 speed calculation, problem solving, critical thinking.
  • FIRE UP YOUR :Mental math skills , speedy calculations , Problem solving ability and critical thinking . Most awesome game for your child to enjoy doing addition , subraction,multiplication and division
  • EASY TO LEARN: Each player will strategically use their colored number tokens to either add,subtract,multiply or divide . For younger players you can use only addition and subtraction cardss
  • DESIGNED BY EXPERTS: All our games are designed and conceptualized by experts, educationist and parents after years of research. Every game we design is very unique and fun in play.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING : As our games are all uniquely designed by us and all are of premium look and feel,its perfect for gifting. Perfect for fun family time.
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