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Bored Game Company

Bored Game Company | Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza

Bored Game Company | Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza

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Publisher: Bored Game Company

Ages: 8+

No.of players: 2 - 8


Remember these 5 crazy words - "TACO HAT CAKE GIFT PIZZA"

The game starts when the player to the dealer's left puts a card face-up in the center, and calls out “Taco”. Then player on their left then puts their card face-up on top of the previous card, while saying “Hat”. The round continues in this way (going “Taco”, “Hat”, “Cake”, “Gift”, “Pizza”, “Taco”, “Hat”, “Cake”, “Gift”, “Pizza”... etc)

When the word spoken and card match, be the first to SLAM THE PILE

When the card that has just been put down matches the word spoken by the player (e.g., a ‘Pizza’ card is kept face up in the center while saying “Pizza”). At this point, all the players must SLAM their hands on top of the pile of cards in the center, and the LAST player to do so takes the entire Pile of cards in the center and puts the cards on the bottom of their own Draw Pile.

But watch out! Your minds will play tricks on you...

If you flinch, you pick the pile. Wrong sequence? Pick the pile. If you can't keep guessed it, pick the pile. Have FUN!

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